NHP issues dozens of citations for pedestrian safety

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Pedestrian related accidents have become all too familiar in Northern Nevada. As part of the Joining Forces Program, the Nevada Highway Patrol conducted an operation in downtown Reno. Troopers issued 25 citations in two hours to pedestrians and drivers who failed to comply with traffic laws.

"In light of all the pedestrian fatalities we've had this year we have extra enforcement directed toward keeping pedestrians safe and this is an educational enforcement and we want to make sure that everyone gets to their destination alive," Trooper Hannah DeGoey said.

DeGoey said they have had a positive response from the community.

"We've received numerous compliments from people walking by saying this needs to be done and telling us they've almost gotten hit so we're glad to be out here and bring a little extra education efforts with it," she said.

Trooper Cole Sonnemann said many people fail to remain stopped until the pedestrian is out of harm's way.

"If they're still on the lanes that are traveling in your direction I mean you have to stay stopped until they get to a place of safety or to the opposite lanes of travel so they're out of that danger zone," he said.

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