NDOW sets bear trap in SW Reno neighborhood

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RENO, NV (KOLO) The Nevada Department of Wildlife has a trap set up on Sharon Way in Reno after multiple residents spotted a bear in the neighborhood.

“On Friday morning we woke up and my neighbor had texted me that at about 2:00 AM she had taken a bunch of pictures of a bear right in her driveway,” says Whitney Weed.

“I don’t expect bears here in this neighborhood and so it’s very alarming,” says Weed.

Wildlife experts say this shouldn’t come as a surprise to Northern Nevadans.

“What we try to tell people is that living in bear country is a year-round responsibility,” says Ashely Sanchez with NDOW.

Sanchez says the trap near Skyline Boulevard is currently the only one set up around town.

“There’s a ditch that runs right through the neighborhood. So we think that it probably traveled that ditch that’s easy food for a bear. There’s a lot of green and vegetation in that ditch,” says Sanchez.

Sanchez says they had enough calls to put out the trap Monday.

She says they want to try to stop the behavior of the bear before it gets into the habit of relying on human food by trapping it, and then using rubber bullets and bear dogs to scare it from coming back.

“The dogs usually chase it up a tree, chase it away from the area. It stresses them out to the point where they wouldn’t want to do it again but it’s not necessarily harmful to them,” says Sanchez.

Although Sanchez hopes the bear will be caught soon, she says residents can stay protected by moving any attractants outside the house inside, such as trash cans, food and bird feeders, especially at night; and if you see a bear never run away.

“Make yourself look big, yell, use pots and pans and usually they will run away,” says Sanchez.

Northern Nevada is home to man and animal, but it’s up to residents to be prepared for an encounter.

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