NDOT using decals to remind pedestrians to be safe

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) - The Nevada Department of Transportation and partners are reminding people to be pedestrian-safe by installing sidewalk decals at busy pedestrian-crossing areas across the Truckee Meadows.

Installed at 26 locations, the sidewalk decals feature imagery depicting such things as a shark-infested ocean, alligator pond and walking off a skyscraper, with the message “Crossing distracted is just as deadly.” NDOT says the images are meant to remind pedestrians that crossing area roadways without paying attention can be especially dangerous.

NDOT says Nevada pedestrian fatalities have spiked in 2017. As of July 18, preliminary records show 47 pedestrian fatalities on Nevada roads, a 34-percent increase versus the same date in 2016. In Washoe County, there have been four pedestrian deaths in 2017.

Funded by the Nevada Department of Transportation, the sidewalk decals are part of the state’s Zero Fatalities traffic safety campaign.

According to NDOT crash reports, behaviors that contribute most frequently to pedestrian fatalities include crossing improperly or jaywalking, not being visible, drivers not yielding, as well as drivers and pedestrians failing to look out for each other.

Pedestrian Safety Tips
- Make Eye Contact with oncoming drivers when crossing the road to make sure they see you
- Avoid Distractions including headphones, cell phones or other devices that divert your attention
- Look Both Ways when crossing the road to stay alert and alive
- Obey Signs and Signals and cross only in designated crossing areas
- Be Noticed by wearing reflective and bright clothing when walking outdoors
- Help Children to remain alert and help them cross safely
Driver Safety Tips
- Be Alert watch for pedestrians crossing at corners and mid-block crossings
- Don’t Pass Stopped Cars they may be stopped for a pedestrian. It’s against the law and highly dangerous for those crossing the street
- Slow Down especially in areas where pedestrians are likely to be
- Follow Signs and Signals and always look right before turning on green yield to pedestrians when turning. Pedestrians have the right of way
- Avoid Distractions the text/call/tweet can wait. Focus on the road and those around you
- Drive Sober for your own safety and the safety of other drivers and pedestrians

“As we remind drivers and pedestrians to be safe on the road, NDOT is also making engineering improvements that can ultimately help save lives,” NDOT Director Rudy Malfabon says. “We’ve installed enhanced pedestrian crossing signs and crosswalks on Kietzke Lane, Sun Valley Boulevard and State Route 28, and we’re installing additional pedestrian safety enhancements on North Virginia Street this summer.”

“Reno City councilmembers and RTC commissioners continue to make pedestrian safety a priority by focusing on education, engineering and enforcement," said Reno Vice Mayor Neoma Jardon. "The City of Reno spent more than $400,000 in 2016 to make pedestrian safety improvements to our area, including pedestrian flashers, speed radar systems, street lighting, traffic-calming devices, creative pedestrian flag programs and installing new crosswalks. I thank NDOT and our regional partners for placing these decals around Reno to raise awareness and further educate pedestrians."

“We are proud to have these important decals on sidewalks here in Sparks,“ said Sparks Mayor Geno Martini. “We want to help keep our pedestrians safe and this creative campaign reminds us all to stay alert when crossing busy intersections.”

“Pedestrian safety is a high priority for the RTC and our regional partners. One fatality is too many and we have to work together to change behaviors and increase awareness of the dangers of being distracted while crossing streets. Through this partnership, community education and the investments we make in road safety improvements, this unique campaign can help reduce the high number of pedestrian fatalities in the Truckee Meadows toward the goal of Zero Fatalities,” says Lee Gibson, RTC executive director.

"We are pleased to partner in reminding both drivers and pedestrians of the importance of safety around campus,” University of Nevada Reno Police Services Director Adam Garcia says. “With the new fall semester and continued growth, this message is as important as ever."

Visit www.ZeroFatalitiesNV.com and www.ePEDemic.org for pedestrian safety tips.

Here are decal locations:

City of Sparks:
• McCarran Blvd. between I-80 & Nichols Blvd.
• Prater Way between I St. & McCarran Blvd.
• Sparks Blvd. between Howard Dr. & Baring Blvd.
• Oddie Blvd. between Sullivan & El Rancho
• Pyramid Way between Greenbrae Dr. & Holman Way

City of Reno:
• California Ave. & Nixon Ave.
• Liberty St. & Hill St.
• Lake St. & Commercial Row
• Virginia St. & Bridge (north & south sides)
• Sierra St. & Bridge (north & south sides)
• Virginia St. & St. Lawrence
• Robb Dr. & Promontory Dr.

Washoe County School District:
• Baring Blvd.& Sparks Blvd.
• Plumb Ln. & Harvard Way
• South Meadows Pkwy. & Double Diamond Blvd.
• Mae Anne Ave. & Ambassador Dr. (4-way STOP)
• Smithridge Dr. & Neil Rd.
• Stead Blvd. & Silver Lake Rd.

University of Nevada, Reno:
• Record St. & Evans Ave.
• Artemisia Way & North Virginia St.
• 1300 block of North Virginia St.
• 10th St. and North Virginia St.
• 15th St. & East Stadium Way
• 17th St. & West Stadium Way
• 1700 block of North Virginia St.
• Evans St. @ Republic Apts.

Photos courtesy NDOT
Photos courtesy NDOT
Photos courtesy NDOT