NDOT prepping for winter storm, offers driving safety tips

Published: Nov. 26, 2019 at 7:48 AM PST
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Crews with the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) are working around the clock to prepare for the winter storm expected to hit Tuesday.

On Monday crews were out brining the highways. “We began placing brine, an anti-freezing solution that we put on our roadway surfaces across highways throughout northwestern Nevada,” said Meg Ragonese with NDOT.

She added, “And our crews will be patrolling and removing snow as the snow storm begins.”

NDOT has prepared for winter snow removal since August. According to NDOT nearly 33,000 cubic yards of salt and sand and 260,000 gallons of salt brine have been stockpiled in the area, ready to be spread on winter roads for increased traction and safety.

NDOT said the sand is combined with salt and wetted with brine to create more dense sand that keeps roads ice-free at lower temperatures and will not as easily bounce off roadway surfaces.

As the storm moves in maintenance personnel will closely monitor the weather and road conditions.

Ragonese added, “Our road maintenance crews rely on very detailed, forecast from the National Weather Service and others, so that we know what is coming.”

NDOT encourages drivers to take extra precaution on the roads. She said, “Tragically every year there are about 2,000 crashes across the state due to unsafe driving, in wet weather, so that is everything from rain to snow.”

She continued, “And it’s a very important reminder, for drivers to take it slow in ice and snow. We want everyone to travel safely, throughout this holiday season.”

NDOT offers the following driving safety tips:

· Remove snow and ice from all vehicle windows, mirrors and lights prior to driving

· Only travel in winter weather when absolutely necessary, and leave early to provide enough time to safely reach your destination

· Slow down on winter roads- speed limits are based on road and weather conditions

· Keep a safe distance from other vehicles

· Watch carefully for snow removal equipment

· Use extra caution on bridges and ramps, as they may be icy

Check before you go:

Tires Brakes Lights Battery Wipers Defroster Heater Vehicle Fluid Levels

Carry with you:

Tire chains Flashlight Ice Scraper Snow Shovel First Aid Supplies Extra Clothes/Gloves Blanket Flares Non-perishable Food/Water

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