NDOT enhances traffic safety on intersections and highways

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - The Nevada Department of Transportation is updating intersections and highways this year. It will enhance traffic lights, signals, and add a new warning system.

NDOT will add retroflective backplates on traffic lights across the Truckee Meadows Areas. Some intersections have already been updated.

Meg Ragonese with NDOT said the yellow border provides a color contrast to visually draw driver attention to follow the signal. These retroflective backplates will also benefit drivers during power outages. It can help illuminate an otherwise dark signal to provide visual cues for drivers.

“What that does is help drivers to be able to visually see that traffic signal a little better especially in low light conditions,” said Ragonese.

Ragonese said NDOT will install 150 of these backplates early this year.

NDOT will also make changes to its Advance Signal Warning Systems. Some will either change from flashing with the oncoming yellow signal to a static sign or continuously flashing.

She said, “It is important to be attentive to these upcoming traffic changes. Also to take the responsibility to always be attentive to your driving circumstance and always focus on the road ahead.”

NDOT will also add a Wind Warning System on 395 in the North Valleys. Signs will flash when wind gusts reach 45 miles or higher. The goal is to reduce speeds or warn high profile vehicles that travel is not advised through the area.

Ragonese said these traffic safety improvements are for safety reasons. “We want these traffic safety improvements to also be a reminder to drivers to focus on the road ahead, to stop on red, be intersection safe.”

She added. “Tragically there are about 900 deaths every year due to red light running. These are some enhancements that can help us all stay safe at our traffic signals and our intersections across the Truckee Meadows.”

The Advanced Signal and Wind Warning Systems will begin in the summer.

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