NDOT snow plows help keep roads clear

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) NDOT's snow removal equipment was out in full force Wednesday as maintenance workers focused on keeping roads safe and clear.

"It's a challenge to get the roads safe for everyone, but you know, we do what we can," Larry Ventimiglia, NDOT maintenance workers, says.

He says one of the biggest dangers for snow plow drivers is vehicles passing on roads while they are removing snow.

"It's really dangerous because they're blind corners and there's no way you can see who is coming," Ventimiglia says.

NDOT says during winter weather conditions, drivers should drive slowly and leave plenty of space between themselves and other vehicles.

Chris Halland, NDOT supervisor, says the updated chain controls for Mt. Rose Highway are helping to prevent accidents.

"We got new chain signs up that it is mandatory for chains so it's been working out really well," Halland says.