Motel damaged by micro-burst in Middlegate

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MIDDLEGATE, Nev. (KOLO) -- A Nevada town was rebuilding Tuesday after it was hit by a freak weather event. Middlegate is only home to 17 people, but that makes Monday’s destructive winds that much more relevant.

"It is just like a jigsaw puzzle; first we have to disassemble everything," said Russell Stevenson as he worked to repair a building damaged by Monday’s storm. "Nothing is ever permanent. You can always fix everything, it is just going to take some time."

The motel Stevenson operates at Middlegate Station sustained damage to its awning during Monday’s wind event.

"Well I think it was a tornado," said Fredda Stevenson, Russell’s wife.

Fredda spotted the wall of wind and dust as it barreled down on the small town.

"We all ran for cover and we got inside and everything and it just roared," said Fredda.

"The whole house filled up with dirt, leaves, twigs, sand, gravel, I mean everything was in the air," said Russell.

According to the National Weather Service, what they experienced was a micro-burst (strong outflow winds from a thunderstorm). When the dust finally settled, the Stevensons could see the destruction left behind.

"The motel really got it,” said Russell Stevenson, “It picked (the motel awning) up like a kite and took it all the way 120 foot back."

The awning landed behind the building, part of the roof was ripped off and branches from several trees were downed.

"I hope this never happens again; it has just caused so much damage,” said Fredda.

"It is too bad it had to happen, but that is Mother Nature... it is just part of the lifestyle out here in the desert," said Russell.

Russell expects to have everything fixed within a week.