More safety upgrades coming for NE Reno seniors

RENO, NV (KOLO) - Seventy-three-year-old Gerry Mifsud is continuing his efforts to improve the area of Silverada and Paradise Drive for seniors.

"The sign is there; it says this is who we are and the speed bumps preceding and following now will slow the car down that's flying into this crosswalk-- it comes flying down and it's 50 feet away from the crosswalk. That's crazy," Mifsud says.

Mifsud spearheaded the effort to get the first seniors' crossing sign in Reno. He says adding speed humps is another needed safety improvement. He's been working with city leaders for the past two years.

"Gerry Mifsud is the senior that came to us and said, hey look, I see seniors that need access, to feel like that's their park and feel invested into just like the families and kids do, and the way to do that was to put in a senior crosswalk," Oscar Delgado, city councilman for Ward 3, says.

Mifsud says drivers speed through this area making it dangerous for seniors to cross the street.

"There's 300 seniors that live on this block and another 3-400 that live right behind us. This is a sanctuary for seniors, not birds, and we're old birds," Mifsud says.

While these new improvements are steps in the right direction, Mifsud says his work is not done yet. He wants to improve the safety of the nearby park.

"That parking lot they deal drugs every night. I want it to stop," he says.

Mifsud is holding a Senior Block Party July 14 from noon to four o'clock. He says he wants to bring community leaders and members together to raise awareness and bring attention to the senior population in Northern Nevada.

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