More businesses moving to downtown Reno

Published: Jun. 21, 2019 at 3:59 PM PDT
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The 4th Street Corridor is known to many as the eyesore of downtown Reno, but with more businesses moving into the area, it's getting a much-needed face lift.

, a boutique hotel and bar, opened its doors June 21. The owner, Piper Stremmel, says she chose the old

because of the location.

"The main reason was 4th Street, which is one of my favorite streets in all of Reno. The building is phenomenal, one of the oldest brick buildings in Reno, and I think a lot of those buildings are concentrated here on 4th Street and this is one of them," Stremmel says.

Several other businesses are expected to open their doors in the coming months.

"I think the community on 4th Street is really engaging and really excited and there's old business owners and new business owners and it's an exciting street to be on right now there's a really good energy," she says.

Nick Strowmatt, of

says the growth on 4th Street is good for everyone.

"I think it's awesome, I mean, we're a brewery and a restaurant, so anytime you get a bunch of us together and you give people the chance to move back and fourth and try a bunch of different stuff-- what's good for the goose is always good for the gander, right?" Strowmatt says.

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