More babies being treated in NICU at Renown because of COVID-19

Published: May. 27, 2020 at 7:42 PM PDT
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Renown Medical Center said they are treating more babies in the NICU because of COVID-19. Debbie Hawley, supervisor of clinical nursing labor and delivery, explained that some families are waiting too long before coming to the hospital for help.

"We've had a couple of moms deliver in their cars, in our parking lot, a couple have delivered in REMSA and then those babies are early pre-term so they end up going to the NICU," Hawley said.

Hawley said waiting too long, puts not only the mother and child at risk, but the staff too.

"If they're sitting halfway in a wheelchair and we can't get them to a room fast enough and they deliver halfway in the bed or the wheelchair, that's putting them at risk and their infant at risk during delivery," she said.

Hawley said that mothers shouldn't be scared or nervous to come to the hospital because of the coronavirus. The hospital has strict safety protocols and procedures in place.

"Come in. We are here. We are part of your team and we want to be able to provide the very best care for you and if that means you need to come in sooner rather than later, that's better for everybody involved," she said.

Jenna Moffat's newborn son was born five weeks early. Moffat said as soon as something didn't feel right, she called her doctor.

"My advice to pregnant women would be to trust your gut and get checked out, if you're in pain or in labor. The safest place to be is the hospital not home where there's a number of other things that could go wrong," Moffat said.

Moffat said that her experience was as normal as could be given the circumstances.

"I think the anticipation of all the rumors you hear like you have to wear a mask, and your husband might not be able to be there and what if you have to labor with a mask on. Those are scary for any pregnant woman but I'll say the minute I got to the hospital I felt completely taken care of," she said.

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