Mixed feelings over proposed Arrowcreek Middle School

Published: Oct. 12, 2017 at 12:17 AM PDT
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Some say the land near Arrowcreek Parkway and Thomas Creek Road needs a new purpose and Washoe County School District leaders are hopeful they can provide it, with a new middle school.

"It's a fantastic location for us," said Pete Etchart, Chief Operating Officer, WCSD.

On October 11th, 2017, school leaders shared their plans for the proposed school. Etchart says the district is in the early stages of the project and the construction of the school would depend on growth.

"It not only relieves overcrowding at the other middle schools. It also relieves overcrowding at our elementary schools as we move sixth grade into our elementary schools," said Etchart.

"It's just an asset for the community and for our kids who attend overcrowded elementary schools," said Jessica Patterson, an Arrowcreek Resident.

The district wants to build a 60-acre middle school similar to Depoali. Etchart says the district still needs to buy the land, hire engineers and architects and do a traffic study.

But some residents are against building the school in that area.

"I am not in opposition to the school, just its location," said one concerned resident.

People against the school feel if approved, it will bring more problems with congestion.

"The traffic is already heavy. When we have a crisis up on this mountain, we have big time problems getting people in and out of this area," said another concerned resident.

Some people mentioned they were disappointed with the lack of specific details for the project, but one person found that to be a positive thing.

"We really thought that there would be more specifics, but in actuality that made me feel better. It's made me feel better because things are not cast in stone. That was one of our criticisms of how long has this been going on and we have just been notified of this," said Kimberly Gomez, Fieldcreek resident.

The district says this proposed school will provide overcrowding relief for Depoali and Pine Middle School and approximately a dozen elementary schools.

The school could be open as early as August 2021.