Minden distillery makes hand sanitizer for first responders

MINDEN, Nev. (KOLO) Bently Heritage Estate Distillery in Minden is converting its operation to produce 1,300 gallons of hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray per week.

"Having a way to contribute and you know seeing the need and hearing from the community how much need there is, it feels great and we have a way to contribute which is fantastic," John Jeffery, master distiller, said.

The distillery hopes to up this production to 5,000 gallons by the end of April. The sanitizers will be donated to local hospitals, law enforcement, and health and human services.

"We're doing it in many ways out of gratitude for what they're doing, particularly health and human services, you know they're on the front lines and we are trying to help keep them safe," he said.

The sanitizer and spray is for healthcare workers and first responders in the community to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

“They’re in a position of danger and for everyone else the best thing they can do is stay home and wash their hands with soap and if all the rest of us are doing our job and quarantining and washing with soap and water then we shouldn’t need hand sanitizer,” Jeffery said.

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