Millennials targeted in new-look Harrah’s Reno east tower

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) If you haven’t looked inside the east tower of Harrah’s Reno lately, it probably looks different than you would expect.

“We really have two different and distinct gaming experiences on either side of the street here,” said Harrah’s Reno GM Lee Dillard.

Harrah's Reno has two towers. The one on the west side of Center Street remains a traditional casino with slots and live table games, but the tower on the east side is now trying out a new business model: targeting millennials.

“The city is continuing to grow and skew younger,” Dillard emphasized. “Midtown is growing. Downtown is improving. The university is expanding. There was an opportunity to appeal to a younger-type gamer who is looking for the interactive games and the non-traditional casino games.”

The changes began several years ago, but maybe the most prominent change came several months ago when the one-lane bowling alley was removed to make way for an adult-only arcade featuring pool, arcade basketball, air hockey, and plenty of video games.

Several years ago, the Cabaret was converted into The Stage @ The Zone, which now serves as Reno’s go-to public venue to watch UFC fights.

Nearby, next to the sports book which remains in the same location, the area that was once a bus lounge is now home to beer pong tournaments Friday and Saturday nights.

“It’s been an experiment,” Dillard said, indicating more is to come in the future. “We are continuing to evolve. We aren’t there totally, but the changes we have made so far are working well for us, and we are happy about that.”