Midtown biz affected by construction, winter storms

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Rain, rain, go away. That’s a sentiment shared by local midtown business owners at the Sticks Shopping Center in Midtown.

“You know when we have rain everybody stays home or in their businesses, but when we have snow everybody wants to come in. It’s just weird.”

Midtown business owners have been working to get people in their shops since the Regional Transportation Commission started a huge roadwork project on South Virginia Street five months ago, but with weather making it even more challenging, Jennifer Martin at Hello Yoga Apparel says when storms are on the horizon she stays hopeful.

“You can’t go into it with that kind of perspective. You just have to think that everybody is going to want to have fun that day and hopefully stay safe while doing it and we make the best of it.”

Store owners say it’s hard to tell what weather days people will choose to visit Midtown.

Jesus Gutierrez at Chuy’s Restaurant says recently he’s gotten a spike in business because of tourists headed to hit the slopes, but he gets nervous every time a storm is on its way.

“Well of course. It’s hard for restaurants, you know, to schedule people, because sometimes you can be very slow or sometimes you can be very busy. So, you know, that’s the nervous break sometimes we get.”

Martin says even though the storms have brought a lot of snow and rain, she has never had to close for the day.

“No. Luckily we’ve been good. We’ve opened a little bit a few days just because of traffic. We want to make sure that they can get out and plow the roads before we get down here.”

Both Gutierrez and Martin say they need the support of the local community to stay open.

“We are local businesses, we are family businesses and we need our community.”

“We all experience weather but these are truly our dreams here, and we are really trying to provide the community with our passions, and so when you come out and support us, we are just so grateful for that, and the continued support is what keeps us here.”