Microsoft Reno Celebrates International Women's Day

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Celebrating International Women’s Day.

Microsoft Reno invited more than 60 organizations locally to come together and celebrate what women bring to the Reno community.

“And to really ask for people to think about whether or not we have balance for better and that’s all about equality and parity in whatever sphere of life we are talking about,” says Microsoft Reno’s general manager Carey Serfontein.

“Balance for Better” was the theme for this year’s international celebration. Serfontein says when women don’t see balance they notice it and when they do they celebrate it.

“What we are really asking for is the same thing that happened at the Women’s March in Washington, or if you think about the MeToo, we want people to recognize when we are doing things that are right and if were not we work together to make progress in the things that are not.”

During the event, local clinical psychologist and success author Dr. Erin Oksol spoke as the keynote speaker, saying it was nice to see men in attendance.

“You know, that was so incredible, you know, a room full of men that are championing powerful women. You know, my husband is one of those men that gets it and I’m blessed, but we need more men like that that really understand that together we are so unstoppable,” says Dr. Erin Oksol.

One man says he went because he thinks it's important men learn how to listen. He adds he hopes to see more events like this one.

“Continue to challenge us as men and as allies to help support you and provide you with that support that you need in order to be successful,” says Microsoft worker Joe Randolph.

Serfontein says education and conversation is what will incite change.

“You know when we don’t have what we want, the dialog is the first step in learning and understanding what we need to do, but then I think the other thing I hope the nation understands; we’re not asking for something special; we are asking for equality,” says Serfontein.

It was only one day of celebration, but many in Reno hope to the conversation of gender equality will turn into action.