Microchipping reunites owner with stolen dog

Reno, Nev. (KOLO) After more than four months, John Humphrey and his dog Zoey have been reunited. Zoey was stolen from the Reno Rodeo fairgrounds in June. Last week, Humphrey received a call from Regional Animal Services letting him know they had his dog.

"My heart kind of dropped," Humphrey said. "I never thought I was ever going to see my puppy again."

According to Regional Animal Services, Zoey was sold to another family for $40 at a truck stop in Reno. That family took the dog in to change the microchip information on her tag.

"When we looked it up in our system it actually was an animal that had been reported stolen and the original owner was still looking for her," Shyanne Schull, Director of Regional Animal Services, said.

Humphrey said if Zoey were not chipped, she probably would never have been returned.

"It's very important to get your animals chipped," he said. "If not, you'll never get your animal back."

Schull said microchipping is a permanent way to ensure your animal can be identified if it is lost or stolen.

"Animals can't talk. They can't tell us where they've been from and a microchip can help get your animal back," Schull said.