Mega Millions jumps to $540,000,000

Reno, NEV (KOLO) Could you be happy with $540,000,000? That’s what the Mega Millions Lottery is up to as of July 7, 2016. This is the longest stretch in Mega Millions where there has been no winner. Many Nevadans go to Hallelujah Junction just across the state line—so long as it is worth it.

Hallelujah Junction is north of Reno, just past the bug station inside the California State line. You could just drive by most times....but when lotto fever hits, you can't miss it.

The tickets are only a buck.

Mega Millions is played in 43 states across the country and many Nevada residents have no problem driving about 20 minutes to buy a ticket.

“I live in Cold Springs, not that big of a deal, no,” says Josh Donaldson.

Most Nevadans we talked to said the money has to be good for them to come to Hallelujah Junction. It appears the $540,000,000 prize makes the grade.

“Everyone in my family would retire and we would buy something up in the mountains,” says Danny Crawford from Reno.

No doubt waiting in line, these people have time to think about what they would do with the money.

Forget the fact they have a one-in-a-259,000,000-chance of winning.
With very little investment and a little time, they have a chance to dream and dream big.

“First thing is first, I would probably go out and buy a really nice sports car,” says Daniel Cordst, a Reno resident.

“We would give some to charity and move back to the Bay Area...I'm sorry,” says Shirley Gregorius, who lives in Reno, at least for now.

If Shirley, Daniel, Josh, or Danny win, they can take the money over 29 years in installments, or take it in one lump sum.

The Drawing is July 8 at 8 in the evening. On KOLO 8 News Now at 11 we will have the winning numbers and tell you if the winning ticket was sold anywhere close to the Nevada border.