Meet the Supremes

CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) Women were mentioned quite a bit at Inauguration Ceremonies in Carson City. They have a majority in the state legislature, they serve in constitutional offices. Now for the first time in Nevada history, they outnumber men in the highest court in our state.

Most of the national focus has been on Nevada's Legislature, where a majority of women will serve this coming session—that’s a first in U.S. history.

There was also history made right next door from the legislature at the Nevada Supreme Court, where a majority of women will be serving on the bench.

“So I am very proud to swear in three justices of the Supreme Court; with Justice Pickering brings the Nevada Supreme Court, four women, three men justices,” announced Supreme Court Justice James Hardesty during Inauguration Ceremonies in Carson City January 7, 2019.

The crowd cheered.

The three women say they knew it was possible to make history in November. But on this cold day in January, reality set in for Elissa Cadish, Abbi Silver and Lidia Stiglich.

“The first time I was sworn in with the new governor administration, and it was so exciting and it is a privilege, and I am excited to serve with these two ladies coming on to the court,” said Justice Stiglich.

Stiglich was appointed two years ago and needed to run for the post on her own in 2018.

But Justices Eilssa Cadish and Abbi Silver are new to this court, replacing retiring Justices Michael Cherry and Michael Douglas.

“We have every different kind of case so any case you might hear about that is in the court system is a case that may well come before us on the Nevada Supreme Court,” says Justice Cadish

While there have been women who served on the court before, this majority won't necessarily or automatically change laws in Nevada. But what will change is how this court now reflects our state as a whole.

“Had my first argument in 1990 and it was all gray-haired older gentlemen that were the Justices. And that's what you expected the face of the Supreme Court to look like. So it is wonderful. We are in the year of 2019 and the faces and Justices reflect society and all of society and includes women as well,” said Justice Silver.

The new court will begin its business almost immediately-- hearing its first case January 8 in Las Vegas.