Measured Fitness Lab brings fitness testing to your front door

RENO, Nev. (KOLO)- It's a common New Year's resolution-getting healthy. But often times we give up a few weeks in, because we're not seeing the results as fast as we'd like. But a local business is offering unique testing to give you an idea of the best way to reach your goals, and bringing it right to your front door.

"When people start, especially around the new year, with New Year's resolutions and things like that, people want to better, they want to eat better, they want to have great results and feel better but a lot of times they don’t know where they’re at right now," David Wright, owner of Measured Fitness Lab, says.

That is the goal of his business-to give people a baseline for where they are and help them discover what works best for their bodies and their goals.

"They’re trying all these different things and people just get burnt out," Wright says. "When they have the right information to start with or know where they are coming from and they know what they need to do to move forward."

Measured Fitness Lab is a mobile testing site that measures various body composition and health information. They offer Fit3D body scans, using infrared light technology to calculate precise body fat percentage, body composition, body measurements. He can also tell you how many calories you burn at various heart rates through the VO2 Max Cardio Fitness Testing.

For those concerned about their caloric intake, Wright can test your resting metabolic rate.

"That's if you were sitting at home for 24-hours not doing anything. Some people I've seen as low at 600 calories, but I've seen people as high as 2700. There’s a wide range, so as you're looking to get healthier you might be basing it on the wrong things. You have great intentions but you don’t have the right information. That will help you know at minimum how many calories you need, so rather than depriving yourself or overeating you’re going to have a good idea."

Because he's mobile, there are no doctor's appointments and the results are emailed directly to you. Wright also says he keeps his prices competitive, and often times below what you would pay elsewhere because he doesn't take insurance.

"So you’ll save money, and also have the convenience, and also not have to wait," he said.

To contact Measured Fitness Lab, click here.