McDonald's hiring 2500 in NV, nearly 300 in Northern NV

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RENO, NV (KOLO)--- If you are looking for a job, heads up. McDonald’s is expected to hire 2,500 people in Nevada, with nearly 300 positions available in northern Nevada.

McDonald's restaurant sign / (MGN)

The national fast food chain is searching for new employees, with all positions open. Franchise Owner and Operator Chad Humason says the pay starts at minimum wage, but a raise is possible after a 30-day performance review.

Humason also says franchise owners in the area have needed to get more aggressive in their hiring practices.

"The hiring process in becoming more difficult in the past year," says Humason. Especially with Tesla and Panasonic and the warehouses' jobs. But on the other hand, it has been great. Business is picking up, our drive-throughs have been busier, so it kind of comes hand in hand."

Humason says to attract employees, they are giving employees $2,500 a year to go to college, and help those without diplomas earn their high school certificates.

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