Mason Valley relieved, but not relaxing as flood worries lessen for now

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MASON VALLEY, Nev., (KOLO)_ The small community of Mason sits on the banks of the Walker River a few miles south of Yerington.

Today the river is running high and fast, but still within it's banks.

This week began, however, with the expectation that it would reach into homes here.

Sara Masini and her husband just moved in to their riverfront home. For a time they thought it would be lapping at their back door, perhaps even worse.

"We had been going on information that the house was not going to flood," she says. "And then they upped the water intake that they were expecting and the height by five feet. Then what are you going to do?"

Homes in Mason were the most vulnerable, but much of the valley was threatened.

The worst case scenario was water reaching downtown Yerington. That didn't happen, but they were ready."

"We were more than ready for it," says Lyon County Manager Jeff Page..

"We've been planning for the last month and a half, two months for this event. If you drive around the community you'll see where people have sandbagged, see where businesses have sandbagged, what the county has done. We were ready for water."

And they still look ready. Mason Valley may have dodged a bullet, but the sand bags remain in place, not only in Mason, but downtown Yerington.

Today people had something else to distract attention--the last day of school, but flood preparation continues and as we slide into summer weather, people they will be keeping one eye on the river.

"Yeah, it's going to be a long summer of anxiety," says Page. "We're OK with that. We'd rather have a long summer of anxiety and no flooding.

"The challenge is going to be what the weather does to us. We're not through with this yet. There'll be six to eight weeks before we can breathe easy. We're telling people to keep their mitigation efforts in place until we get through this."
"It's a little nerve racking," says Sara Masini. "We've not owned this house 30 days yet. So the idea of it being damaged by water, it's a little heartbreaking."