Martinez-Guzman still pushing to file mental disability motion

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Lawyers for Wilber Martinez-Guzman are moving forward with their intellectual disability investigation.

Martinez Guzman is accused of murdering four people in Northern Nevada and appeared for a status hearing today.

His team traveled to El Salvador to look into his background and will plan to file a motion this week.

Washoe County public defender John Arrascada said the counsel should choose experts who are tailored specifically to the needs of this case to determine Martinez-Guzman's mental state.

"Your honor, we made a good face determination to continue forward that we move forward with the intellectual disability investigation and working towards clinical interviews by our spanish speaking experts in the intellectual disability field," said Arrascada.

Washoe County District Judge Connie Steinheimer said Martinez-Guzman's team must present evidence about his background for experts to review.

"even though we're not doing video recordings for a clinical study, because the experts rely on what they tell you, what they tell you has to be available for the other side," said Judge Steinheimer.

Martinez-Guzman is due back in court for a status hearing on October 21st.

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