Marsh Avenue closed four hours Halloween night

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RENO, Nev (KOLO) This year Karen Griffin decided to dress up her yard for Halloween.
She's not the only one on Marsh Avenue. Her neighbors too have gone all out for the holiday. And it's no secret.

Families come from far and wide come to trick-or-treat in this mature neighborhood.

“So this year I had to buy 11 bags of candy. My husband dipped into one of them. So we have about ten and a half of the big Costco bags. So last year we ran out of candy, and we had to try and sneak out to CVS to get some more, that didn't work out very well,” says Griffin.

Two years ago the traffic on Halloween night got the attention of the city. The street was closed for four hours in 2016. Griffin says she thought it was a good idea.

“Marsh is one of those streets where there is hit and miss for sidewalks. And so it makes it charming. But what is not charming is how fast some people drive on this street. So really, it is necessary for the city to shut down this street on Halloween. It is just not safe otherwise,” says Griffin.

The street will be closed on one end of Marsh at Sharon Way--to St. Lawrence until it hits California Avenue. That closure goes from 5:00 in the afternoon to 9:00 at night on Halloween.

Clara Swobe, who lives on an adjacent street, has trick-or-treated these streets for several years now. She says there's been a big difference with the street closures.

“It was just scary because there is no room on the sidewalks. So you would have to go on the streets and you would have to be constantly worried about cars coming behind you and looking out,” says Clara.

One trick-or-treater says the street closures will simply add to the atmosphere.

“Probably about 1000 people maybe, and we had like nine bags, I had to empty my own candy in the thing, because we didn't have enough. But it is really fun,” says Camille Griffin, another trick-or-treater.

Just because Marsh is closed on Halloween night for a time, that doesn’t mean trick-or-treaters can abandon safety recommendations on Halloween.

Wear brightly colored clothing while trick-or-treating. Look both ways before you cross the street, even if it is closed. Have your parents look over the candy once you get home.