Marijuana dispensaries roll out sales for Valentine's Day

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Silver State Relief in Sparks is rolling out the specials for Valentine's Day.

"We're doing a two-pack pre-roll, so it's kind of like one for you, one for the hubby," says Ryan Woolrich, dispensary supervisor at Silver State Relief.

He says the holiday isn't just a time to pitch sales; it's also a way to try to bring people in who normally wouldn't stop by.

"Just trying to get people in the door and see what we're all about. Change that stigma," he says.

They've got cookies, candy and other sweets that go along with the holiday.

"Single-piece chocolates for $5 or chocolate bars for $15 depending on what you're looking for," says Woolrich.

Blum in Midtown also has some slick deals. They say some of their products were developed specifically for couples who are looking to try something new.

Kyle Bailey stopped by Mynt in downtown Reno to get a gift for his special someone.

"I've learned, especially with my fiancee, it's better to get something that they really like and personal instead of something typical. So I'm here to get one of her favorite edibles and something like that to make it a little bit more special," he says.

One of the managers at Mynt says holidays tend to drive sales because people will spend a little more on that perfect gift.