Theft suspect pronounced dead after being pulled from river

A caretaker at a home for disabled people in Tennessee has been accused of beating a patient with a leather belt./ Source: MGN
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RENO, NV (KOLO)-- The Washoe County Medical Examiner's Office confirms a man pulled from the Truckee River Sunday has died.

He has been identified as 23-year-old Jordan Allen-Lindstrom. The cause and manner of death are pending investigation.

Reno Fire Battalion Chief Mike Pilcher told KOLO 8 News Now the man was running from police and tried to escape May 12, 2019, by jumping into the Truckee River, but after 20 minutes he appeared to go unconscious and was pulled underneath the water.

Firefighters found Allen-Lindstrom eight minutes later but he was not breathing and had no pulse. Firefighters attempted to revive the man as he was taken to a hospital, but he was pronounced dead.

“The river flows are up because of the spring runoff of the snow melt,” Pilcher said. “It is extremely cold. High flows with extreme cold are a lethal combination.”

The incident began around 11:30 a.m. as Allen-Lindstrom, a larceny suspect from the Three Nations Walmart on East Second Street, fled store police, and Reno-Sparks Indian Colony Police officers followed him to the river near Glendale Avenue.

The Reno Fire Department sent its water rescue team plus several fire engines and a ladder truck, plus two water rescue team members working at the Reno River Festival, Pilcher said.

The man continued to evade police, getting out at one point and then getting back into the river as officers approached. The battalion chief credited tribal police with doing a good job of keeping an eye on the man.

Firefighters moved down the river in an effort to rescue him, Pilcher said. When he passed underneath the Greg Street bridge, about 20 minutes after getting into the water, he was submerged. It appears hypothermia set in.

Sparks Fire Department rescue team members joinied RFD water rescue members to pull Allen-Lindstrom out at Rock Park about eight minutes later.

“When we pulled him out, he was unconscious, he was pulseless and he was not breathing,” Pilcher said. “This guy didn’t want to be rescued. That was an enormous challenge to us.”

Pilcher noted the efforts expert kayakers at the Reno River Festival took to protect themselves from the cold Truckee River water. Someone in street clothes can expect about 10 minutes before hypothermia kicks in, Pilcher said.

He suggested people wait until July before floating down the river.

“Now is not the time to go cruising the river on a float inner tube,” Pilcher said. “If you do, you’re taking your life in your hands.”

Even in July, use a life jacket and an approved watercraft and tell someone where you plan to go into the water and leave the water, he said.

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