Man breaks window to save dog trapped in hot car

A Virginia man smashed a window to free a dog locked in a hot car. (Source: WTKR/Jason...
A Virginia man smashed a window to free a dog locked in a hot car. (Source: WTKR/Jason Minson/CNN)(GIM)
Published: May. 1, 2019 at 8:00 PM PDT
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A man in Virginia said he has no regrets about smashing a window to free a dog that was locked in a hot car.

Jason Minson happened to be working in the area of Norfolk on Tuesday and immediately called police for help when he noticed the young black Lab mix, but he was worried they were taking too long.

He took matters into his own hands, and caught the episode on camera.

"The dog was obviously in severe distress, and panting heavily,” Minson said. “We gave it a bottle of water. I called 911, and they said they were going to send animal control out."

Animal control did show up, but Minson said it took more than 20 minutes, and in that time the dog drank up two bottles of water. His owner was still nowhere to be found.

"It’s cruelty,” Minson said. “Leaving a living being in conditions that hot is just cruel."

So, Minson smashed the window, freeing the pup, which was taken by animal control.

Minson is an Army veteran who has a Great Dane service dog named Rex, who’s more than just his pet, but a part of his family.

"They depend on us to take care of them, like a child would, and if you are going to be a dog owner, you have to step up to those responsibilities," he said.

The dog is recovering in the care of animal control officials. Its owner is facing charges.

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