Court records: Lewdness suspect preyed on multiple victims

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RENO, NV (KOLO) A man has been booked into the Washoe County jail on multiple counts of lewdness and other charges.

Mugshot courtesy Washoe County jail

22-year-old Dezmond Remus-Bluitt was booked June 3, 2019 for lewdness with a child older than 14, attempted sexual assault and battery to commit sexual assault, seven counts of open and gross lewdness, burglary, battery and trespassing.

According to Reno Police probable cause declarations filed with Reno Justice Court, Remus-Bluitt is accused of several offenses involving running up behind females in public and touching them inappropriately. In at least one case, he pulled down the victim's pants. Incidents took place May 30 on North Virginia Street downtown, May 31 near 1st and Center Streets, the same day on Liberty Street, and later the same day in the area of LaRue and Forest Streets. June 1, he is accused of a similar incident on Oddie Boulevard.

Remus-Bluitt was arrested on an RTC bus after another similar incident June 3 against a woman at High Desert Montessori school on Oravada Street. Earlier the same day, he is accused of trespassing onto Hug High School grounds and grabbing two girls at different times in one bathroom, then looking over a stall in a different bathroom while a girl was changing her clothes, according to a probable cause report filed by Washoe County School District Police.

Police say surveillance video of several of the incidents matches the suspect to the crimes, along with victim statements.

According to court records, Remus-Bluitt told police, "Women are able to control his body and he doesn't know how."

A KOLO viewer who contacted the newsroom says she believes Remus-Bluitt is the man who approached her and tried to use a phone camera to record under her dress June 3.

Statement from Washoe County School District:

“On Monday, there was an unauthorized person on the Hug High School campus who interacted with several of our students before fleeing the area. The school imposed a precautionary lockdown while school police and Reno Police canvassed the campus to ensure he had left, and sent a Connect Ed call to all Hug families regarding the lockdown.

A short time later, the suspect was arrested off-campus by local authorities on a variety of charges and is now in jail.

School Police re-interviewed the students involved, and learned that the suspect had allegedly made brief physical contact with them. We immediately contacted their parents and have offered counseling resources to them and any other students or staff members in need.

This situation involved multiple law enforcement agencies and it took some time to gather the facts. In fact, the investigation is still underway.

The Washoe County School District is dedicated to keeping all of our students and staff members safe at all times. We regularly practice our safety plans, and those procedures were quickly put into practice on Monday at Hug High School.”

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