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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) --  In your next Made in Nevada report we're featuring a Company vital for helping scientists to possibly one day discover the cure for cancer, for labs to process your DNA, and for helping researchers discover other drugs yet to be revealed to the public.
The Company's name is Clickbio and it makes customized containers labs need to perform microscopic experiments.

One thing sets this Reno Company apart from all others in the world. "The speed at which we could take an idea and turn it into a solution. it's unheard of in our space," said Clickbio CEO and Founder, Mykle Gaynor.   

Clickbio workers can take the concept for a medical container from idea to mass production in only two months or less.

Before this Reno Company existed the wait was much longer often years, according to Mykle.  

In the 1950's lab work was performed in a larger containers, but today the same experiments are carried out by machines in much smaller containers and much larger quantities. The machine mixes the solutions and spits out the results.

Innovation and speed are critical as the demand for DNA test results and drug research increases.  

Some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. and across the world place orders with Clickbio.

"We sell to Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Asia, China, Middle East. All across the Middle East," said Mykle. 

Here's how it works. The company in need of a new design to perform lab work approaches Clickbio in Reno with a design idea.

It goes to the Company's mechanical engineer Quinn Champman.  

"Since I was a kid I always wanted to be an inventor. I wanted to invent things. So being able to make something that doesn't exist yet is very cool for me," said Quinn. 

He makes a model on a computer using a sophisticated 3D design software system called Solid Works. This step only takes a matter of hours. 

He can maneuver the part and resize and reshape until it meets the customers specifications. Then, it becomes reality with a 3D printer the same day the order is taken. 

"Making a design is cool, but seeing it in person is even cooler," Quinn said. 

The 3D prototype is made and sent to the buyer for approval and then it's quickly mass produced.

Some of the equipment is used to perform work for HIV positive patients. It's assembled in the Reno facility one at a time and by hand. 

Clickbio is growing and is hiring for three positions. You'll need an engineering degree and a knowledge of how to use Solid Works software before applying for the two open engineering positions.

There is also an opening for one marketer. You'll need a portfolio of relevant marketing to apply to this position.

The CEO says passion is more important than experience.   

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