MADE IN NEVADA: Verdi Local Distillery

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VERDI, Nev. (KOLO) -- A local businessman named Jeremy Baumann is putting a twist on traditional whiskey. You've probably heard of Jack Daniels and Jim Beam, but what about Apple Cinnamon Whiskey, Mahogany Whisky or Garlic Whiskey?

Baumann concocted the flavors to give his customers a little something different and so far the response has been good. Esquire Magazine named his whiskey the best in Nevada and his Mahogany Whiskey won a silver medal at the 2016 International Spirits Awards in Seattle.

He distills his unique spirits at "Verdi Local Distillery" in Verdi and opens the business to the public every first and third Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for a tasting event.

Cheryl Dougherty says she likes the Jackalope Gin. "It has a little bit of a citrus tang to it and it's very smooth," she said.

"They have a pretty good Lemon Whiskey. It's delicious," said Justine Cawthorne.

Baumann says he had wanted his own brewery since his early 20s, but when local distilleries were legalized, he opened this business in September 2014.

"Our orange peel gin, which is kind of a different one. We have black liquorish whiskey, but I think the most popular one is the garlic...when we first tried it we were actually trying to do jalapeno garlic and bacon whiskey, which the bacon was just too hard to work with. The jalapeno took over and we wanted that garlic so we decided to drop all that and just go garlic," Baumann said.

Another reason his whiskey is popular is the way it hits the palate.

"Most of the time whiskey is a little strong. It burns a bit to me. This stuff is really smooth, which makes it stand out," said Rachel Bowe.

Smooth is the word several customers use to describe this whiskey. Jeremy uses a special process for his Mahogany Whiskey.

"We actually go out and harvest our own wood and then cut medallions and then age them in adds like a peppery buttery kind of a rich thick flavor to it, like a smoke almost," Baumann said.

"You get that smooth whiskey taste kind of like a bourbon, but more whiskey. I don't know I could drink it and out of the bottle," said Aaron Pratt.

Verdi Local Distillery sells whiskey to about 150 stores and bars, and many of the supplies to make this whiskey come from local suppliers like C & M Foods in Reno. It supplies the sugar, cinnamon, pumpkin spices, orange peel and many other ingredients to Verdi Local Distillery.

Jeremy says his plan is to continue to build new flavors never tried before and to push the boundaries of whiskey where we live.

You can find Verdi local distillery in Verdi at 1155 Old Highway 40 Unit B. You can also find this whiskey in local stores including some Raley's, Save Mart and Whole Foods.