MADE IN NEVADA: Our Local Basket

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WASHOE VALLEY, Nev. (KOLO) -- A wife and mother of two found a meal kit mistakenly delivered to her front door. It was supposed to go to her neighbor.

Christie Braun gave it to the proper owner and then ordered the meal kit service for her family, but found the mushrooms were from China. This seemingly small detail inspired her to launch her own business called Our Local Basket.

The ingredients in her meal kit are almost exclusively from local sources and minimally processed. Each week Sand Hill Dairy in Fallon receives an order from "Our Local Basket".

"It's a great way to get all these businesses tied together," said Sand Hill Dairy owner Isidro Alves.

The milk pumped from the cows is pasteurized on site at the lowest temperature possible. Alves says this keeps all the original vitamins and minerals intact. It's the closest thing to raw milk without the risk.

"We're very proud of what we do," said Alves.

His milk is often delivered to "Our Local Basket" customers only one day after it's pumped fresh from one of his 500 cows, Alves says.

Sand Hill Dairy is one of at least six local sources for "Our Local Basket". The homemade business also uses Truckee Sourdough for bread, Hungry Mother Organics in Minden for fresh tomatoes and herbs and Land of Hopes Farm in Washoe Valley for pork.

Christie and her husband Dustin Braun are the owners of "Our Local Basket", but they're also customers.

"It's just been an incredible experience to get the basket each week with the new recipes and try out different things and get the kids involved in cooking and sitting down to eat as a family," said Dustin.

He says "Our Local Basket" is about more than food.

"i know some of our best moments are sitting down together having a meal," said Dustin.

"I love that we get to do it as a family and i love that we get to bring good to other families," said Christie.

"Our Local Basket" is two months old and has 40 customers.

"People are busy and if we can take some of the hard work out of the meal for a family. I think they're more likely to come together and enjoy a meal together," said Christie.

Blend Catering takes a lot of the hard work out of these meals. Owner Josh Deri and his wife create the recipes and prepare the food before it's packaged for individuals and families to cook in their home kitchens.

"We get to use meat from Alpine Ranch so grass fed beef. Heritage pigs. You really can't beat the flavor of the meat...we're all still trying to stay as local as possible with all the vegetables, the produce, the fruits," Deri said.

Each Wednesday "Our Local Basket" delivers two meals. They're boxed and placed in a van. Dustin drives the meals to addresses and personally delivers them himself. Customers have to place their order at least one week in advance. The service is $85 for two meals with four servings each or $51.50 for two meals with two servings each.

You can buy periodically, every week or just one time.

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