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FALLON, Nev. (KOLO) --   The demand for products made by New Millennium Building Systems reveals information about our overall shopping habits across the west coast, the growth of our economy, and the relatively high paying jobs available for workers.

The workday starts at New Millennium Building Systems at 5:30 a.m. during the winter and 4:30 a.m. during the hottest months of the year. Managers say workers earn 40 percent more than their counterparts in Reno's manufacturing market.

"The way we compensate is based on the performance of the plant and employees and they get paid based on the results so it's as much work as you put in. The Company rewards you greatly for that," said New Millennium Building Systems Sales Manager, Kelly Robins.

Employees also qualify for a 401K match, which is above the national average and scholarships. 

New Millennium Building Systems is at 8200 Woolery Way in Fallon.

It makes steel girders and joists, which are the structures used to support large buildings. The Company's evolving clientele reveals an interesting trend happening across the United States.

"We used to build all the Walmarts and you would look for Best Buys, Home Depots, and a lot of brink and mortar." said Kelly.

"That's really been turned up-side-down in the last three or four years as we've seen e-commerce really develop so now what we look at building is a lot of Amazon distribution, Walmart distribution, and really the e-commerce facilities and fulfillment centers," Kelly said.

These centers are relocating to urban areas in the Country.

"We're starting to see them pop open in every major city in the Americas so it's really changed our approach," said Kelly.

"The scale of the buildings has gotten so much larger so instead of building one Walmart store for a city we're building you know quite a large fulfillment center, which is a lot more product for our particular industry that we do." Kelly said.

New Millennium Building Systems in Fallon turns between 60,000 and 65,000 tons (about 130,000,000 pounds) of steel a year into a finished product. This breaks down to about 250 tons a day (500,000 pounds).

The Fallon plant is producing 50 percent more than it did in 2017. Demand depends on the overall economy across the west coast. It's also driven by new construction, which is pushed by population growth and consumer confidence.

The steel comes in on train tracks running through the building.  

"We've got steel back east from Indiana, Mississippi, all over the Country," said Kelly.

Large ceiling cranes move the steel from the train carts to a holding area in the plant where they will sit before they're shaped and formed into a support structure.

Eventually the steel is moved onto one of three manufacturing lines. A team of workers moves in unison to lay individual pieces of steel together. Team members quickly weld them together  in key areas to make them one solid structure. It's rolled to another part of the line where more solid welds are eventually put in place.  

New Millennium Building Systems in Fallon is constantly hiring. It's looking for structural engineers to work at its office in Reno, workers with computer-aided design (CAD) experience,  and blue print experience.    

The Company is also filling positions for its Fallon location. Managers there are looking for workers with maintenance backgrounds, workers that know the machinery, and people who have a strong work ethic.

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