MADE IN NEVADA: Make Your Momentum

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- A small Reno-based business has sold about 60,000 shirts since 2012, and it probably never would have happened without one hard blow in life.

Left to Right: Chuck Kazemi (Make Your Momentum founder), Kyle Ress (Logoed Tees worker), and Ryan Ress (Logoed Tees Inc. President)

"I got dumped pretty bad one year and I came up with the idea to get off my butt," said Make Your Momentum Founder Chuck Kazemi. "I used it as a way to kind of get out of this dark place I was in," he continued.

His idea to launch his own clothing line literally changed his life and the buying options for people all over Northern Nevada.

Chuck was quick to share his idea with one of his close friends. "I was like, 'Man, we should all start a business together.'"

Chuck said his friend responded, "'What do you want to do, Chuck?' and I said, 'Lets start a T-shirt company,' and he laughed."

"I thought about it and I said, 'I wonder why he just shot that idea down' and I came up with the idea; this guy's not making it with that attitude. He's not going to make any momentum in life and it just kind of shaped "Make Your Momentum" and I ran with it."

Chuck immediately got to work. "I sat down at Starbucks. I worked nine hours a day and I'd spend six hours a day at Starbucks learning how to do trademarks and filing for business licensees."

"I started with absolutely nothing and made something overnight with the concept, make your momentum, anything is possible."

His top sellers are hats, hoodies, beanies, and yoga pants.

"We use a lot of bright fun colors and we also dumb it down for the dad. The average dad out there that wants something not so in your face."

Chuck says if you buy a hoodie he will give another hoodie and a beanie to the Volunteers of America near Greater Nevada Field in downtown for the homeless to have during the winter of 2018-2019. His goal is to donate 500 hoodies and beanies to the homeless through this program.