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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -- A Reno ice cream shop makes flavors you've probably never thought of, such as mango sticky rice, maple bacon cheesecake, and peanut butter and jelly.

At $3 a scoop, Jeremy DeMarzo says he can't make his creations fast enough.

In 2011, the idea of sweet potato casserole ice cream came to him. He made a batch at home in an ice cream maker and he has not looked back. His outside-the-box concoctions are his passion. He loves dreaming up new and different flavors and then making them come to life.

Jeremy was busy making a batch of fried chicken and waffle cone ice cream during this report. As odd as the flavor sounds, his customers keep coming back for more. They say they like the balance of how the sweet and savory flavors come together in the unusual dessert.

"His ice cream is the best ice cream in town, bar none. I've heard it over and over and over again," said Icecycle Creamery customer Ron Barron.

Some of the flavors are outrageous by design.

"The fried chicken and waffles is pretty up there. I have another one that is pretzel-based with a mustard caramel swirl in it," said Icecycle Creamery founder and owner Jeremy DeMarzo.

The unusual flavors are quick to catch the attention of new customers like Cheryl Jensen, visiting the ice cream shop from Vail, Colorado for her fist time with her mother-in-law.

"I had no idea when I came in that we'd be seeing fried chicken and waffle cones, taro root and popcorn ice cream. So unusual, but the flavors work," Cheryl said.

There is also a pineapple jalapeno flavor. "It's sweet, but spicy. It's awesome. Really really good," said Cheryl.

"Get ready to be a little adventurous. I think that you have to be adventurous in your ice cream," said Jeremy.

Icecycle Creamery features 16 flavors.

"If something goes out something different is going to come in," Jeremy said.

The base ingredients are simple and all natural. They include milk, cream, and sugar.

"We always use real ingredients. Nothing comes from a flavor syrup or something like that. Super basic. Super natural. No fluff,” he continued.

His ice cream literally contains no fluff. No air is whipped into it. It’s solid yet scoopable and filled full of flavor.

"There are so many things you can do and you can bring all these different flavors into it and you can recreate other culinary dishes and express it through ice cream,” Jeremy said.

The spices used to make fried chicken are put in the ice cream, which gives it the savory and sweet balance.

He brings the base ingredients to a boil and slowly adds the flavors until his creation is perfected for his customers. The cream is then cooled overnight in a refrigerator before it’s poured into the ice cream maker.

Jeremy slowly adds broken pieces of waffle cones that were baked in dredged butter and maple syrup to give it the extra kick his customers enjoy.

"They're like hard crunchy bits of waffle cone. It's got a little bit more of that maple flavor in there,” Jeremy said.

Reno News and Review ranked Icecycle Creamery best ice cream shop for the past three years. His walls are lined with articles about his outside-the-box approach to an American favorite pastime during the summer months.

The recognition is growing his customer base, and he grinned as he said it keeps him "chained to the machine all summer."

He doesn't have to go too far to get his ingredients. He buys Nevada products as much as possible.

"We started sourcing our milk locally as well from Sandhill Dairy in Fallon,” said Jeremy.

Jeremy says he gets his cream from Washington State because he says he can't find a Nevada business that sells the kind of cream he uses. If you know of a local business that produces heavy cream, please contact Jeremy. He says he would like keep his produce as close to Nevada as possible.

He says the cream he uses is "40 percent heavy whipping cream. So it's a little heavier than your normal run-of-the-mill whipping cream." He compares it to the consistency of latex paint. "It’s pretty thick,” he says.

Jeremy predicts he'll make and sell about 1,000 gallons of ice cream this summer, but he makes more than just ice cream. He also owns and operates the Peddler’s Deli out of his Lakeside Drive location.

Ron Barron says he eats lunch at Peddler’s Deli three to four times a week.

"His sandwiches are killer. His soup is the best soup in town. I'm a soup-aholic,” said Ron. "His soup is killer. Always good. He's makes it fresh,” Ron continued.

The sandwiches also push the boundaries of what you might be used to. One customer favorite is called the Silk Road. It's a curry chicken salad sandwich with grapes.

It may sound like a weird combination, but the customers say the grapes burst in your mouth and compliment the curry in the sandwich perfectly. He called it an experience that is more than just a meal.

Jeremy's products are sold at two locations in Reno. You can buy his ice cream and find his deli at 6147 Lakeside Drive, Suite 102. You can find a second Icecycle Creamery location at 148 West Street.

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