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This team is ready to help anyone looking for a job, career and/or training to improve their...
This team is ready to help anyone looking for a job, career and/or training to improve their employment situation.(KOLO)
Published: May. 1, 2018 at 3:21 PM PDT
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More than 50,000 new jobs are projected to come to the region over the next five years, according to

Seven teams of people associated with JOIN in 13 regional counties are waiting to help you overcome most any obstacle standing in the way of finding a job or even career success.

Walker Jackson is an airport maintenance worker at the Minden-Tahoe Airport, the 4th busiest airport in Nevada. "I like being here. I like the environment of this airport. It's a nice place to work," he said.

Last year he didn't think he would be in the position he's in now.

"I haven't really ever made this much hourly in my life so it was kind of a nice step up. It's almost twice as much as I used to make," Walker said.

His journey to the job he now enjoys started with some tough news he first heard last November. "As soon as I lost my job in Truckee I went to JOIN," he said.

He was given a test to help him learn about the jobs he would be most interested in. "I was recommended to go into a lot of different fields like welding, construction, truck driving," said Walker.

The assessment guided him to the job he now enjoys.

"It wasn't really a lot of work out of me. It was mostly connections through JOIN. They said, 'I know somebody who has a job opening at the airport'. I said, 'Okay' and I've been working here since," said Walker.

"They called us and said, 'We've got the perfect guy for you'. He came out. We interviewed him and Bobby and I both agreed that we immediately liked him," said the Minden-Tahoe Airport Operations Supervisor, Chris Johnson.

JOIN does so much more than just place workers. The organization is designed to help job seekers overcome obstacles.

"We do that by either paying tuition and all costs associated with tuition (including) supportive service, transportation assistance, books, supplies, pre-employment assistance," says JOIN Executive Director Denise Castle.

JOIN can also reduce the risk for people looking to hire workers. "The business partner hires the individual and JOIN subsidizes those wages up to 100 percent for up to 12 weeks," says Castle.

If the worker fails to meet a company's standards in this probation period, the company doesn't lose money and can afford to take this risk.

The most in-demand jobs in northern Nevada, that pay between $15 an hour and up to $70,000, require the workers to invest in themselves. "Many jobs are two years or less certification. They can be anywhere between six weeks and 12 weeks or less," said Castle.

JOIN has seven offices representing 13 counties and local areas. They include Washoe, Storey, Douglas, Carson City, Lyon, Humbolt, Pershing, Churchill, Mineral, Lander, Eureka, Elko, and White Pine

You can find the nearest JOIN officer near you below:


716 N. Carson Street, Suite B, Carson City, NV 89701

Phone: (775) 461-3930

Fax: (775) 461-3933


(serves Carson, Storey, Douglas, and Lyon counties along with some California parts around Lake Tahoe)

716 N. Carson Street, Suite 108, Carson City, NV 89701

Phone: (775) 283-0125

Fax: (775) 283-0133


(serves Elko and Eureka counties)

618 Idaho Street, Suite 2, Elko, NV 89801

Phone: (775) 753-1700

Fax: (775) 753-1702


(serves White Pine County)

705 Avenue K, Ely, NV 89301

Phone: (775) 289-3061

Fax: (775) 289-3675


(serves Churchill, Pershing, Lander and Mineral counties)

121 Industrial Way, Fallon, NV 89408

Phone: (775) 423-6162

Fax: (775) 423-0672


(serves Lyon, Churchill, Pershing, Lander, and Mineral counties)

460 W. Main Street, Suite 111, Fernley, NV 89408

Phone: (775) 575-1222

Fax: (775) 575-0140


(serves Washoe County and the location of the PRONET OFFICE. It serves anyone with management or college background who has collected unemployment benefits in the last 5 years)

1201 Terminal Way, Suite 104, Reno, NV 89502

Phone: (775) 336-4450

Fax: (775) 336-4798


(serves Humbolt County)

8 E. Haskell Street, Suite C, Winnemucca, NV 89445

Phone: (775) 623-6218

Fax: (775) 623-6219

If you're a business and would like to partner with JOIN call 775-461-3930.

If you would like to submit a Made in Nevada suggestion,