MADE IN NEVADA: Clean Dried Processing

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SILVER SPRINGS, Nev. (KOLO) -- Clean Dried Processing in Silver Springs makes the food nine of the last 11 winning Kentucky Derby horses ate, including "Justify," which won last weekend.

Mike Smith riding Justify to victory in the Kentucky Derby on Saturday.

Local workers cut, dry, and package beets for horse consumption. Even though this feed is made in northern Nevada, the actual food eaten by the horses running in the Kentucky Derby is produced by the company's facility in Michigan because it's closer to Bluegrass State and to where most race horses live in the United States.

The company also plays a major role in the food your pet likely eats, because it prepares 100 million pounds of potatoes for animal consumption every year.

Twenty-two employees pull off this feat by working seven days a week. They run a large machine to cut the potatoes to 3/8 of an inch square cubes 16 hours a day. The potatoes are then dried in a large gas-powered stove.

The potatoes are essentially rejects but are still healthy enough to eat. "Sometimes they have a scaly skin. Sometimes they might have a black mark on them. The white ones, actually from In N Out or Lays, they are either too big or too tiny, that's the only problem with them," says employee Cheyne Stinnette.

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