MADE IN NEVADA: Allen Models

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MINDEN, Nev. (KOLO) -- A Minden man is responsible for making parts that can be used to construct a model train that can weigh thousands of pounds.

"If you could go home in the evening and make one part a night, you could have an engine together in a years time," said Allen Models owner Steve Alley.

Building your own model train can be expensive. For example, Alley's old-fashioned steam engine would sell for $35,000 brand new, but if you buy a kit and put it together yourself he says the price would drop to about $5,000.

Alley makes the castings and drawing sets to build these trains.

The pattern boards are pressed into sand molds. The sand is packed tight and open spaces are left after the pattern boards are removed. Then the hollow spaces are filled with molten metal.

"It's very old-fashioned stuff. They literally take the metal and pour it in a pot and walk it over to a pattern and pour it into a pattern mold," Alley said.

About 80 percent of the engine is cast iron. The other 20 percent is bronze cast and aluminum.

It's up to the customer to give the parts a smooth refined look.

Steve says he has 300 customers in the United States and other customers who live in Australia, Germany and England.

The tracks for these trains sit seven and a half inches apart. They sell for $69 for every ten feet.