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CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) -- Allcan West in Carson City manufactures up to 20,000 cans in one eight hour shift, which is almost one can a second.

Cans manufactured at Allcan West in Carson City

The Company can produce custom made cans on orders of as small as 1,000, but the production manager says she can accommodate smaller orders.

The largest can is made to hold 20 pounds of material for a mining company and the smallest can holds roughly one ounce.

The cans start as large steel sheets of stacked squares. They weigh 3,000 pounds in their original bundles.

A machine called a slitter cuts large thin square sheets of steel into rectangles. The short ends are welded together to make a cylinder.

It's then placed on a conveyor belt where machines turn it into a can. An expander machine bends a ring in the cylinder to add strength. The bottom is crimped on and the top of the can rounded off to give it a smooth edge.

Some of the cans end up at The Roasting House in Virginia City where workers pack the cans.

"They actually make their own coffee and they process their own beans right there, and we make the cans for them so they actually fill the cans and seam them with the beans inside. It's such a cool thing to see," said Sales and Production Manager of Allcan West, Christine Richardson.

Allcan West is located at 3535 Arrowhead Drive in Carson City.

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