MADE IN NEVADA: Aervoe Industries, Inc.

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GARDNERVILLE, Nev. (KOLO) -- The man who built this Company from scratch is now watching it earn $50 million a year.

Aervoe industries assembly line often produces 80,000 to 90,000 cans of spray paint a day.

His name is David Williams. The story of how he built his fortune and his successful business close to where you live begins nearly 60 years ago.

He was in the right place at the right time and took a leap of faith.

David was working as a testing engineer for Lockheed Missiles and Space Company in Sunnyvale, California.
In 1969 he was invited to be a guest speaker at San Jose Junior College and Foothill Community College when he was only 25-years-old.

He taught classes about how to use chemicals. Some of the content he shared applies to the same technology used in aerosol cans. His students suggested he use his knowledge to start his own business.

This suggestion prompted David to consider this. It essentially planted a seed in his mind that would change his life forever.

"I was going to do it part time, but after a year or two I figured I'd quite my job and went into it full time," said Aervoe Industries C.E.O., David Williams.

Aervoe Industries Incorporated today sits at 1100 Mark Circle in Gardnerville. This is where his team of workers produces 80,000 to 90,000 cans of spray paint a day. This breaks down to between 20 million and 22 million cans of spray paint a year.

You won't likely find his paint in your local store because it's for industrial use. "They expect a higher level of quality for performance," said Aervoe Industries President, Mark Williams.
The bottles of paint are assembled one at a time on a long line.

The paint is mixed 1,000 gallons at a time in large vats.
"The paint will be dropped out to a holding vat and then get ready for line filling for the can," said Mark.

It's piped to an assembly line room and machines drop the paint in cans three at a time.

A marble is placed in each can to stir the paint before it's sprayed.

Lids are systematically placed on the cans and sealed. The cans are eventually boxed and shipped to buyers.

Aervoe makes it's own aerosol spray paint can lids. It's 2.5 cents less expensive per lid than to buy them from a supplier. This adds up to a savings of $450,000 a year.

The lids go up this conveyor belt before a machine carefully takes them down and snaps them on the bottles.
The cans are placed into boxes. They're taped shut, stamped, and finally stacked on pallets for shipment.

Click on the video link to watch this process.

The paint is tested for quality in a nearby room.

Aervoe also produces other products like lubricants and cleaning supplies.

"There's a lot more to maintenance of equipment and that is the lubrication and the cleaning and keeping oiled," said David.

The Company also offers a non-aerosol spray paint option.
"This is a new invention. We patented it about two years ago and it's a non-aerosol aerosol. We can dispense many of the products and get the same spray pattern on a non-propellant product," said David.

Aervoe is prepared if the market swings wildly with products that are more recession proof.

"During the recession in 2008, 2009, and 2010 our business dropped dramatically because construction was down," said David.  

Customers said they were still buying safety products so Aervoe came up with its own line of supplies including LED flares.
"This is one of our individual flares and it comes out in about seven different patterns, depending on which might be more advantageous to see at a distance. You can see it at least two miles away," David said.
The Company also makes portable speed bumps that have LED lights to show their location in dark settings.

They're assembled on-site. They can hold 20 thousand pounds of pressure and light up. They fit in the users truck by folding up like a rope.  

Aervoe provides jobs for 150 people. One hundred and twenty-five of them report to work in Gardnerville.

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