Lyon County officials react to continued growth

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LYON COUNTY, Nev. (KOLO) - Large corporations continue to find a home in Northern Nevada and they are raising the cost to live while creating a game of catch-up for rural areas.

Jeff Page, Lyon County Manager said the county that faced more than a 50% increase in population from 2000 to 2010, is now home to nearly 60,000 people. He added, the urban area has gotten very expensive to live in, so many have moved out to places like Yerington.

"We have seen throughout the county that rents go up 25 to 60 percent, that’s the challenge you have with growth,” Page said. “If you have enough housing in the market, enough rentals in the market, those prices stay down, and we don’t have enough right now and that is the challenge."

Lyon County is not only low on housing but also deficient in medical assistance and law enforcement. Page explained that lawmakers have to find a way to get more people on the ground for safety, but the demand is not being met.

"When you are in rural Nevada and you have about 55,000 people spread out over 2,100 square miles, it’s hard,” stated Page. “Yeah I can say I got 8 guys per shift, but they are an hour apart."

The development has continued to make its way into the rural parts of the Silver State. Officials have to fix the county's sewer plant and they have created plans with the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection to lay down sources of water and provide sustainable spaces for more companies and homeowners to build upon.

"This is a regional issue, and for the most part, this is a statewide issue. We are seeing growth and Nevada has been a boom or bust state since 1861, and we will continue facing those challenges," Page explained.

Students are also being impacted. The growth is resulting in more crowded classrooms, accumulating about an average of 75 percent of use.

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