Lyon County approves flood-related emergency declaration

Photo taken 2/7/2017
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YERINGTON, Nev. (KOLO) - The Lyon County Board of Commissioners has approved a Declaration of Emergency for all of Lyon County in preparation for potential flooding from spring and summer snow melt runoff.

Lyon County has submitted the declaration and supporting materials to the Nevada Division of Emergency Management. To prepare for and reduce the impacts of potential flooding Lyon County has requested assistance with:

• River bank stabilization on the Carson and Walker Rivers
• Debris, sand and sediment removal on the Carson and Walker Rivers
• Directing the Nevada Department of Wildlife to remove debris, sand and sediment on the Walker River in the Mason Valley.
• To coordinate and support the efforts of safely reducing the water levels in all reservoirs that impact Lyon County.
• To assist with public awareness and information to help people prepare for and respond to any flooding.
• To coordinate and host a table top exercise and discussion with all local, state and federal partners to ensure all plans are in place and resources are prepared.

County staff has already met with local, state and federal partners in an effort to understand the potential impacts and duration of this runoff season. This season may be similar to the 1982-1983 event but there are so many weather related variables that it is difficult to forecast if or when flooding will occur.

Lyon County says it's preparing for a worst-case scenario. County Manager Jeff Page has been the County Emergency Manager for the past 24 years and explains that his motto has been “plan for the worst and pray for the best”. The challenge, he says, is ensuring that the public knows how to prepare and respond to events such as flooding, wildfire and earthquakes. He says that the County will begin a public affairs campaign next week to inform the public just how to deal with flooding.

He says he hopes this will be a spring and summer of high flowing rivers with minimal flooding but we all need to ready for worst case scenario.