Longhorn Search and Rescue provides aid to local communities

FALLON, Nev. (KOLO) The Longhorn Search and Rescue Team at Naval Air Station Fallon primarily serves military operations but also assists local agencies when needed.

"Sometimes these people need our help and that's what we train for," Lieutenant Jenny Rudewicz, said.

The team trains on a daily basis at NAS Fallon and in other areas when partnering with agencies like Washoe County.

"We'll go over to Minden Airfield and work with Washoe County and Raven and some of the firefighter teams that are there," Rudewicz said.

The SAR crew consists of a SAR Mission Commander, Helicopter Second Pilot, Rescue Crew Chief and a Helicopter Inland Rescue Aircrewman.

Typical rescues for the team include lost hikers in the summer and skiers and snowboarders during the winter months.

"There was hunter down by Tonopah, maybe it was because it was the most recent, but it really hit home with me because a week later I was supposed to be in the same mountain range doing the exact same thing," Leading Chief Petty Officer, Jeffrey Roscoe, said.

If you are in need of a rescue, Roscoe said it's crucial to carry a device that can track your location. It gives rescuers a better chance to find you.

"It really can happen to anybody I think was the big thing," Roscoe said. "You know I've been hunting and hiking my whole life and so had he and just a wrong step put him in a real bad spot. But fortunately he had a GPS of some sort where he was actually able to talk to emergency crews so we were able to get right where he was when we got on scene."

The Longhorns said this is just what they do and they are happy to serve Northern Nevada.

"A lot of people feel safer knowing there's these agencies and groups that have the capability.," Roscoe said. "I mean God-forbid they ever have to come get them, but knowing that they're available let's a lot of people do more than if it were just a you're on your own situation."

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