Lock in your love in Lovelock, Nevada

Published: Feb. 14, 2020 at 4:24 PM PST
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In the heart of Nevada, people are locking their eternal love.

Wendy Nelson is the director of the Lovelock Chamber of Commerce.

She said the town of Lovelock may be small, but it holds a big love story for many.

"Back in 2006, they had a gal running the chamber. Her name was Kristen Hearst and she had seen a Chinese custom where they did love locking," explained Nelson. "She thought that was a really good idea to incorporate here. She did a lot of work and put a little stanchion near the court house where people can lock their love."

From making the locks to even special arrangements, they do it all to make sure you're special day is memorable.

"We really try to make sure it's a fun occasion for people, we have people calling us saying we're gonna come down there and get married," said Nelson. "I just had that happen 3 weeks ago and we get their locks ready for them. They go and get ready and put the lock on there."

If you have special request...just ask Brayden Wagner.

He can customize a lock just for you.

"So you can also also get this one like lock your love or I can make it from scratch," said Wagner. "I can put whatever you want on there and I can give you this little key."

His record? Making 60 locks in 5 hours, so you can say he's mastered the art of lock making.

"If it's customizable, it's going to take a while to get the right font and what size they want it," explained Wagner. "So, it would take me 15 minutes to do what they ask for."

Now hundreds of metal locks adorn the chain fences, placed by those signifying their love....forever.

"We love it, we think it's really great and they want to see Lovelock on their marriage certificate," added Nelson. "So that's great too."

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