Local woman overcomes addiction through exercise

RENO, NV (KOLO) Nicole Day has turned her struggle with addiction into strategy to help other women in the community meet their health and fitness goals. Day is the owner of NuBody Nutrition, which provides fitness and nutrition education and coaching.

"I just really wanted to create a safe healthy space for mostly women because that is my passion, but really where everyone can work out and get healthy and just find that balance between their mind, body and soul," Day says.

Day is a survivor of physical and mental abuse. She also has battled with addiction, but has been sober since 2007. She credits her success to finding fitness and a family in the exercise community.

"Fitness in recovery is crucial because you're beat down and a lot of us feel like we can't go on," she says.

Day's gym is at 10 State Street in downtown Reno. She offers clients training and 24/7 nutrition help.

"I mean, I've got people taking pictures of their groceries or they'll call me from the McDonald's drive-thru and i talk them out of it, and so there's pretty much all levels of coaching for them," she says.

Day is using her experience to guide the women she trains. Erica Jacobs has been working with Day about two months and has lost eight percent body fat.

"Especially if you've been through any hard times, substance abuse or anything like that, what better role model than somebody who has been through it?" Jacobs asks.

Day also offers Mommy And Me classes for moms who struggle to find time to work out and balance kids.

"When I just recently had my son, I found myself not being able to work out as much, because it was just really hard, and him crying and whatnot. So I created the Mommy and Me so that women could bond with their babies and still get the exercise they need," Day says.

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