Local woman forms company despite disability

Pam Loveless is the CEO of PKL Homes
Pam Loveless is the CEO of PKL Homes(KOLO)
Published: Jun. 8, 2020 at 4:38 PM PDT
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A small collection of homes on Dickerson road just west of Keystone avenue are owned by a local woman who had to overcome the odds to be in her position.

“As a woman owned business, a black woman owned business, and a disabled owned business I hold a triple designation with the state of Nevada as a small emerging market business.”

CEO Pam Loveless worked for years as a mortgage professional and traveling underwriter before being deemed permanently disabled due to double carpal tunnel syndrome developed from excessive-typing.

She says a judge told her she would never be hired again.

Still, she had no interest in sitting around and just collecting disability, so she decided to start her own company and use her expertise to run it.

“I didn’t want to sit home and collect a payment and watch TV for the rest of my life,” she explained. “That’s the perception people have of disabled people.”

And while her business has been successful for several years – now with 8 locations in Northern Nevada - Loveless says her life has been different in just the last several weeks.

“I went into a restaurant and everyone stopped and stared at me,” she described. “That was because of the tension, and because I am black.”

She says that in and of itself is neither a good nor a bad thing, but that’s not what she said about what happened on May 30th.

“What was most upsetting to me is that looting has no place,” she said “Violence has no place. We are living in the time of a live civics lesson."

A lesson that is ongoing.

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