Local teen looks to put the dangers of sugar on display

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Few teens will spend much time doing presentations that are not part of a class they are taking, but 16-year-old Davidson Academy student Aiden Choi has been doing many of them around town.

"I thought it was really important for people to learn about these kinds of things in order to make healthier decisions and reverse some negative trends we have seen in the past few decades," Choi said.

He's talking about sugar and the over-consumption of it.

"Multiple studies have been done regarding sugar," Choi explained. “It does cause you to want more and more of it once you start having it in the first place."

In his presentation, he shows fellow students about which products have more sugar than others, and how details – like serving sizes – can be misleading.

That advertising is something sophomore Deanna Sunnergren picked up on.

"The Naked green energy drink is really high in sugar,” she said. “But it’s advertised as healthy for us. I feel people take the advertising seriously and less of what is really in the drink."

Replacing sugary drinks with water was the main goal of Aiden’s presentation, which in addition to helping your overall health, will be a huge benefit to your teeth, as Gene Vie at Healthy Smiles Dentistry told us.

"Not just are they sugary they are also acidic,” Vie explained. “Just limit the amount of time you sip on a certain drink, and rinse with water. Not only does it harm the teeth but it also harms their health."

Aiden’s goal with what he calls it H2Operation isn't to just give presentations. He also has launched a website where you can see the amount of sugar in certain drinks, like the way there is more than 12 cubes of sugar in Naked's 15 ounce orange carrot drink, or 13 cubes in a 16 ounce can of Coke.

He’s developing an iphone app, as well, which he says will be out soon.