Local students help dreams come true for hospice patients

Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 5:07 PM PST
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Local students are helping to make dreams come true for hospice patients.

It's all part of

Bishop Manogue high school students are working with Circle of Life Hospice to help patient's dreams become a reality.

"They came to us and said we wanted to do this on our own," said Bishop Manogue principal Bri Thoreson. "It's not for a requirement or because they have to, it's a club they started."

From watching a movie in a theater to grabbing dinner, students said it's all about making the patient feel comfortable and and excited for their special day.

Helena Libang is the president of the humanitarian club at her school.

"The first thing they ask is what is hospice? That is the main indication to me that this is a group of people that we really need to help," said Libang. "If we don't do it, who will?"

Libang said granting dreams doesn't have to be complex either.

For the first dream grant, they created a slideshow for a patient who wanted to see the waterfalls of the world.

"A lot of these patients are confined to their homes and they're not able to go out," added Libang. "They can't see the world so we brought the world to her and that made all the difference in just that one day"

Libang said they've granted two dreams so far since the school year started.

"This whole entire experience that we give them is everything," Libang explained. "It means so much to them and it may not have this big big process but the outcome is so much more important than what it makes us look like."

Libang wants to inspire others in the community, she said a little action can make all the difference.

"There will always be people in this world who need our help," added Libang. "I want everyone to be part of this conversation and to bring what they can to this organization."

You can also send donations to Libanghelena@gmail.com

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