Local salon offers free haircuts to Veterans

RENO, NV (KOLO) Navy Veteran Sadie Elias says it’s been several weeks since her last haircut.

She figured she's take advantage of the free haircut and style on Veterans Day at Caliber Salon.

She says she joined the Navy ironically because she wasn't a good swimmer.

But she received much more in training, self-esteem and accomplishment than she could ever have anticipated.

“It gives you a sense of purpose that nothing else really can,” says Elias. To have served my time and to have those close to me to have served their time in it as well. And have done the things that they have done is an amazing feeling and something that is irreplaceable,” she says.

But she says there needs to be more awareness to those who leave the military and are having trouble coping in the civilian world.

“You know we have 22 Veterans on average take their own lives a day,’ she says. “And I think that is something we really need to focus on and we need to put a little more emphasis on,” says Elias.

Owner of Caliber, Tres Benzley took some time from this schedule today, to put some extra touches on Sadie's hair cut—he shaved an anchor into Sadie’s hair cut to commemorate her time in the Navy.

“Just being able to give that service back to someone who gave their service for us, yea it is great,” he says.

Happy with her cut, Tres is happy he could help Veterans look and feel great on their special day.

He says he'll do it again next year.