Local pharmacy provides community relief amid pandemic

Published: May. 25, 2020 at 5:18 PM PDT
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The lobby of Dahl's pharmacy may be closed for now, but the pandemic hasn't slowed them down.

"A lot of people have been coming to us with their healthcare questions saying what's going on with this medication?" said Nathan Dahl, owner of Dahl's Pharmacy. "They ask us what we think. So actually we're able to get in touch with a doctor and help people avoid that doctor visit."

Serving Carson City, Fallon and Fernley, Dahl said they are busy adapting to the challenges of COVID-19 all while going above and beyond to help the community.

"We are compounding hand sanitizer to our community, as it's unavailable and we're also offering personal protective equipment."

With the pandemic disrupting a supply chain of products, Dahl's Pharmacy has been proactive from the start to ensure they don't run out.

"We can't have what's happening to toilet paper, happen to people's medication," said Dahl. "We've tried to get as much as we could, wholesalers are allocating it meaning they're only allowing so much to go to certain places."

What about medications they're not able to get?

"We switch to a medication that is just as equivalent that works for the patient," explained Dahl.

Despite closing their lobby, their drive thru window remains open as well as their delivery service, a critical option now more than ever to help serve their customers.

"You actually know the person that's bringing your medication to you," Dahl added. "You get to know the pharmacy and the team that's around your healthcare."

While a pharmacy may not be your first initial stop with your healthcare needs, Dahl said to at least make it your last.

"It's important that you involve every person you can that knows you personally in your healthcare decision and pharmacy is part of your healthcare," said Dahl.

They're also working to get the proper licensing to provide COVID-19 testing.

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