Local organic farm responds to arugula shortage

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - The greenhouses are warm and cozy for these leafy vegetables at Prema Farm north of Reno.

Fans move the air around on warmer days like today.

In the soil plants like Siberian bok choy, radishes, mustard and chard.

And of course, arugula.

”Arugula is something you could grow outside living down in Reno,” says Zachary Cannady of Prema Organic Farms. “You can put a small cover over a raised bed in your yard and you could grow arugula all year round,” he says.

The farm runs year-round.

The vegetables which are harvested weekly end up at local restaurants, Great Basin Co-op, and are sold at a farmers market at McKinley Arts Center.

There's also a local CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture group, where local members receive a box of vegetables every week from the farm for a fee.

He says arugula is always growing here. He knew nothing about the shortage. While economically speaking, he could take advantage of the situation, but won't.

“The biggest thing about this farm is to show folks that you can grow a lot of food up here,” says Cannady. “It is very diverse and we don't need to be so heavily reliant on California and the I-80 pass of food coming over it,” he says.

Cannady says there is still room on the community sponsored agriculture program which runs from May to October.

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