Local nonprofit offers camps for underprivileged children

Published: Aug. 2, 2019 at 8:15 PM PDT
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, a local organization working to promote healthy bodies, happy minds and good hearts through sports and community service, holds year round camps for kids in low income families to participate in an array or sports.

"We want to introduce kids to as many activities and sports as possible with the idea that they learn critical life skills through exercise, movement and working well with others," Meghan Ochs, Owner and Founder of Skiing is Believing said.

The sport activities depend on the time of year and can range from golf to Jiu Jitsu to volleyball and skiing or snowboarding. Each day of the week long camp kids participate in a different activity. One day of camp is a community service day. Kids help clean up parks or pack food for the hungry.

"They can learn amazing things they can take with them to school, that they can take with them when they're an adult whatever job or career they may have but they also learn about the value of giving back to our community and about valuable nonprofits here in Reno," Ochs said.

"Community service is like really important and it's really good to stay active," Maren, a 10-year-old camp participant said.

Ochs’ nonprofit partners with other non-profit organizations in our area who help select kids to send to the camps. Businesses are also able to sponsor a child to take part in the camps.

"Some of the sports are pricey, like if there's mountain biking or skiing, that's a pretty pricey sport to be involved in, but there's a lot of great supporters that are active in the Reno Tahoe community that would love to donate their old bikes or skis to help support these families and kids youth to go and be passionate about something they love so much," Jessica Koltz, Executive Director of the

nonprofit said.

Koltz has partnered with Ochs to send kids to her winter camp in the past. Mindful Health Initiative hopes to continue working and partnering with Skiing is Believing.

"It's just been super fun and I'm looking forward to what's next," Koltz said.


are scheduled in conjunction with the

. There are also camps available for kids with disabilities so no child is left out. The next camp is scheduled during the WCSD fall break.

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